About Us

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Our Approach

At Open Road Trailer Services, we set ourselves apart from the competition by bringing the same exceptional service you expect from a traditional repair shop, right to your door. All of our work takes place at your home or jobsite. We even perform roadside service. This saves our customers time and money. The best part is that this service costs no more than taking your trailer or piece of equipment in for repairs.

Our Story

Open Road Trailer Services was founded in 2013 to address a need for affordable trailer repair for customers who don't necessarily have the time to spend dropping off and picking up their trailers. Since then, we have grown to include equipment repair, trailer hitch installation, and many other services. Check out our services page for a complete list!

Meet our President and Founder

Josh Weinstein

Josh has worked in the automotive industry for 14 years. Having experience as both a mechanic and fleet manager, he sees the whole repair process from the point of view of both the customer, and the service center. This "whole picture" view allows us to really understand what is important to the customer and fine tune our service for a truly customizable experience.